Kids (from 8 yrs old), adults & youth


Adults & youth



Kids (from 6 yrs old)



Adults & youth (from 13 yrs old)





Adults & youth

Ages: Kids (from 6 years old), youth (from 12-13 years old)


*The lessons start in September and last, for the kids til beginning of June and for the adults till mid July.


Note: from 7/2/18 the school has moved to the Municipal gym 'Ant. Tritsis', end of Syrou str. Cholargos.

Aikido lessons aim at:

  • Learning good techniques in order to use for self defence strictly when attacked, challenged or in conflict that may arise on street, at work or in the family, as well as to face the stress that arise from these situations.

  • Improving one's physical condition and the connection of mind-heart-body, so that to remain calm, composed and 'present' at all times in our lives.

  • Cultivating personality traits that empower and promote peace and cooperation among all the people.


Lessons description

  • Teaching approach is personalised, so that every student progresses at his/her own level and speed.
  • Class starts with warming up exercises followed by training in aikido techniques; training is in pairs, regardless of body type, age or gender and is characterised by cooperation between the pairs and also in relation to the teacher.

  • The use of wooden weapons, such as sword (boken), rod (jo) and knife (tanto), aims at sharpening perception and reaction, as well as perfecting body coordination and speed.

  • Kids, especially, learn techniques and principles of aikido adapted to their age, so that they are able to 'see' the danger coming and react accordingly.

  • Kids cultivate further their physical coordination abilities and their perception, and in so doing they learn to be self-confident and to concentrate.

  • Advanced and beginners' training takes place in small groups.


Instruction language

We speak: Greek, German, English, and Dutch. Names of techniques are in Japanese.


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